The mission is simple:
To introduce Entrepreneurs to interested VCs and Angel Investors. 

For Eighteen Years FundingPost has worked to bring entrepreneurs together with leading investors worldwide. We believe that it is important to reach investors in every medium possible - both online and off line. 

Through our successful Venture Capital Events in 23 cities, Venture Guide Publications and magazine, and our online Venture Exchange, FundingPost has had the opportunity to work with thousands of Angel and Venture Capital investors representing over $107.69 Billion. 

We've seen Millions of Dollars raised as a direct result of our Online Exchange, our Magazine, and our National Conferences and Events. 

We work with more Real Accredited Angel Investors, Family Offices, VC Firms, Corporate Investors and Entrepreneurs than anyone else. We have a dedicated, professional team that works hard to make introductions from Investors to entrepreneurs every single day!


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