Founded by Fernando Pinto in 2011, former owner, manager and Talent Buyer for Connecticut live music venues: The Night Shift Cafe (82-89) The Moon (90-92) The Tune Inn Cafe (92- 2002). I have been involved in every spectrum of the music industry since 1980, first as a DJ. and than, Promoter, Manager, Booking Agent, and Record label lumberjack.
(Elevator Music )

Artists I have presented

77, Alex Chilton, Alice Donut, Amy Rigby, Bo Diddley, Ball, Big Dipper, The Boredoms, The Business, Brian Jones Massacre, Ben Vaughn, Bad Brains, Bindlestiff Cirkus, California Guitar Trio, The Cynics, Coctails, Chris Rock, Citizen Fish, Daevid Allen, Duke Robillard, David Van Ronk, Dismemberment Plan, Dinosaur Jr., Eugene Chadbourne, Enon, Flaming Lips, Fleshtones, Firehose, Gary Lucas, Gun Club, Galaxi 500, The Gunga Din, Hiutus, Hubert Sumlin, Honeymoon Killers, Hugh Cornwell, Hubert Sumlin, Hugo Largo, Les Baton Rouge, Invaders, Iceburn, Into Another, The Independents, James Velvet, Jad Fair, Jim Carroll, John Hammond, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Jesus Lizard, Jonathan Richman, Johnny Thunders, Jimmy Rodgers, Kevin Coyne, Kramer, Kristin Hersh, Luna, Live Skull, Les Savy Fav, The Lyres, Moe Tucker, The Make Up, Man or Astro-man, Murphy’s Law, Nirvana, Radio 4, Rapture, Richard Hell, Rancid, Roger Miller, Richard Lloyd, Ron Levy, Pussy Galore, Parkinsons, Pist, ? and the Mysterians, Robert Gordon, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Smugglers, Sick of it All, Sleepy Labeef, The Specials, Steve Wynn, Sun City Girls, Southern Culture On The Skids, Showcase Showdown, Supertouch, 7 Seconds, Tedio Boys, Tav Falco, Thumper, Tuck and Patti, UK.Subs, Underdog, Zamora the Torture King, the King Brothers, Untamed Youth, The Vibrators, The World Inferno Friendhip Society, The Walkmen, and many others just as Oddball.

Oddball Entertainment, sends out E-Mail announcements of all our activities and future events. We understand the "need" to protect your privacy and your anonymity and we will not give out your name to anyone. 
Please send us your E-Mail address to,


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