eWOW – empowered Women of the World is a platform to empower women around the world to discover, visualize, and actualize their success. We believe that every woman is a leader in her own way – all she needs is an intellectual framework that can help her navigate the path. eWOW provides that intellectual platform to help them with their technical and leadership skills to be successful, to thrive!


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eWOW has provided me with a platform to connect with women leaders globally. By being a part of the eWOW family, I was able to make meaningful connections, celebrate my success and give back!
Vikki Kolbe
A women’s identity is more than just a job title or a company she works for. The eWOW platform gives me an opportunity to understand what success means to me, grow holistically, and support other emerging women leaders.
Heather Keating
Being a part of the eWOW family has enabled me to identify what success really means to me. The support that I have received from this group has enabled me to be connect with leaders and understand various job functions.
Chela Presley
eWOW provides a remarkable platform to learn, share and give back to the world in areas of leadership and personal development. It provides a medium for empowered women and allies, to empower others
Sheetal Bandari

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