DV Centre Netherlands offer meditations and programmes created by Dhyan Vimal, a well known enlightened teacher and scholar within the field of human transformation.

The very essence of the work is to offer a platform where you can learn how to exit as someone who can effect life, not be affected by life.

Dhyan Vimal's teachings are made available through DV Institute for Higher Learning Inc. and are licensed to and organised by facilitators or DV Centres around the world.

DV Centre Netherlands is honoured to share the work as a part of Dhyan Vimal and Friends to Mankind's Global Peace Effort to bring awareness to the inherent right of each human being of each human being to live as someone who can shape life. 


We invite you to come and explore:

  • Maitreya Meditation
  • Dhyan Vimal's Silent Meditation
  • Preview into Dhyan Vimal's 6 Rites of Creation
  • Dhyan Vimal's 12 Rites Programme for Creation and Meditation 


Visit our Masterclass Liabrary to explore many free lectures by Dhyan Vimal:



Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or need more information: dvcentrenetherlands@gmail.com 


DV Centre Netherlands


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