Molasses Creek’s humble beginnings arose amidst the rich tidewater marshes of Ocracoke Island, NC, a magical place where stunning natural beauty mixes with community to create a rich melting pot of musical traditions. This high-energy acoustic group continues to win loyal followings with a captivating stage presence, elegant harmonies, blazing instrumentals, and a quirky sense of humor. Longtime favorites at Carolina festivals and award winners from Garrison Keillor's “A Prairie Home Companion” this band has nine albums to their credit and has traveled many thousands of miles across the country to concerts and residencies. Molasses Creek’s roster includes Gary Mitchell (guitar & vocals), Fiddler Dave Tweedie (fiddle & vocals), Lou Castro (dobro, bass, & vocals), Marcy Brenner (mandolin, bass, vocals), and Gerald Hampton (mandolin & bass).


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