Critically Ashamed consists of two of the best up and coming NYC comedians along with one of the best up and coming west coast musicians of 2017. 

Rishi Mathur:

Rishi is a NYC based comedian who regularly performs at iconic clubs such as Stand Up NY, Carolines, New York Comedy Club and has also performed all over this country as well as internationally in India. He is one the most fast-talking, high energetic comedians, he spent most of his childhood between Arizona and New Jersey and then grew up to realize his true potential in comedy. He now regularly performs for drunk college students and tourists, and just came off tour opening for Rajiv Satyal in Jersey and Chicago, as well as Craig Fox in San Francisco. Through the unique lens of growing up Indian in America, Rishi touches on a broad range of subjects that people from all different backgrounds will enjoy. 

Sharief Johnson:

Sharief is one of the best comedians in the tri-state, he is a crowd favorite at the world famous Stress Factory. He performs in festivals all across this country and with his high energy performance mixed with his unique perspective on everyday life makes him one of the most entertaining comedians to watch in 2017. 

Taylor Alexander:

Taylor is a true independent artist and one of Los Angeles' brightest talents. He mixes blues, folk, and pop seamlessly creating a style, look and sound all his own. Hailing from the Queen City (Cincinnati, OH), Taylor's love affair with music began at a young age and coming from two musical families made it an inevitable passion.

Authentic grooves instantly capture listeners attention, while the conversationalist elements to his songwriting enhance his fresh material, making it relatable to audiences young and old.

Alexander's true uniqueness lies in his one man show. He's devised a technique called the "audible illusion" where he beat boxes while playing guitar, simultaneously humming a melody over top. Taylor seamlessly switches gears between this and traditional playing/singing. Due to his mouth and lips creating the beat, it deceives the eye...similar to ventriloquism or as though a loop pedal is being used. But it's all live! You have to see AND hear it to believe!


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