Austin’s creative hub for DIY crafting, workshops, and events.

A walk-in crafting studio for grown-ups.

CRAFT is a place for you and your friends to relax with a glass of wine, learn something new, and cultivate your creativity. We provide the tools and materials. All you have to do is show up during our hours:

    • Sunday 2-8pm
    • Monday 2-8pm
    • Tuesday closed
    • Wednesday 2-8pm
    • Thursday 2-8pm
    • Friday 2-10pm
    • Saturday 2-10pm

What are workshops like at CRAFT?

Show up at CRAFT ready to have fun and try something new! We build partnerships with instructors who have a passion for their art and love sharing it with others. 

Workshops start on time, and everyone goes through the project together, with the instructor leading step-by-step. Feel free to arrive a few minutes early to check out the studio. When the workshop ends, if you’re in the zone and want to stay, we’ll clock you in for Open Crafting.

We’ll keep your finished project and sell it in our shop. Just kidding! You take it home and show it off! And then come back! For most workshop subjects, we have the tools and materials needed, so you can return any time and practice your new art.


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