COYOTE are Marcy Brenner & Lou Castro who make Ocracoke Island, NC their home. They own/operate Coyote Music Den - a place to collaborate, create, learn and share music, in Community Square, in the heart of the village. Pickin' Porch - Live Music Listening Room - Lesson Studio! 

Ever "the trickster," Coyote draw from a huge arc of influences (and instruments!) from classical to heavy metal, in both original songs and adapting covers. For fifteen years Coyote have performed as a duo, specializing in special concerts and events. Their new summer show "Coyote Plus One" has the island (and web) audiences saying things like: "Well slap me with butter and call me a biscuit, you all sound great!!!"

They have an engaging and spontaneous presence that invites listeners and audiences into their proverbial living room with enchanting, intimate songs and colorful music tinged with folk, rock, blues and jazz flavors.


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