Christie Moore is a speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, soon-to-be released host of the Let It Go Girl Podcast and Business Strategist for online female entrepreneurs. 

With more than 20 years business experience plus an additional 3 years as an entrepreneur, Christie has spent more than 25 years empowering women and has taken on the role of being seen as an inspirational leader. She is devoted to helping aspiring female entrepreneurs make an impact by taking imperfect action.

As a Business Strategist, she teaches female entrepreneurs with high creator energy to cage their inner squirrel and learn the profitable business strategies behind building 90-day action plans that drive sustainable and scalable results.  She helps women breakthrough the resistance paralyzing their progress and release the roadblocks that have a chokehold on their mind and business by building a 90-day blueprint with consistent daily and weekly actionable steps.  She shares the #1 secret formula used by 6 & 7 figure earners that most entrepreneurs are missing.


Christie’s magnetic and energetic personality is infectious.


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