I am Chinmayi Desai, the best introduction of me is MOM. I am a district 204 mom with two beautiful daughters, Siya (11)  entering Still Middle School and Risha (5) entering Kindergarten. I am MBA finance by qualification, also, a certified Corporate Trainer. I have worked in corporate India and America for a number of years but Cliche as it sounds, motherhood changed it all. I shifted gears to training and tried to balance my life.
Thats when I founded Success Surfers. The philosophy of Success Surfers is that our Life is like a sport of Surfing. We have to balance the high and the low wave in order to stay afloat. Success Surfers helps individuals to strike their balance in this sport of life.
Playing Speeches is a resurlt of my endeless volunteering at Siya's school. It was one of those days when I was helping the kids to line up for thier third grade Food Drive Commercial, that I happened to see them all talk. What I found was they were all great, but, some finetuning was required.
This made me ponder, as to what is it that makes us strike out from others? and after a lot of research I could boil it down to three make life skills, which necesarrily, help us stand out. The are: Self Confidence, Creative Listening and chanalization of thoughts.Think of it, we need them in balance in our lives at all the times. Hence, I thought of Decveloping a youth friendly curriculam to enhance these skills at an early age when they are at the Growth Stage in their Life cylce.
You can definitely check my work on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuccessSurfers/
I have been fortunate enough to connect with close to 200 students so far.


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