Atlas Improv was founded in early 2004 by Mary Parmentier and Bryan Judkins. Their dream was to explore and innovate beyond what was familiar. 

Our story goes back further than just a few years though. In the mid 1980s, Dick Chudnow, founder of ComedySportz, brought his brand of competitive improv comedy to Madison, and a figurative seed was figuratively planted.

As ComedySportz - Madison, we performed mainly short-form, a type of improvisational theatre where a show is segmented into five-to-ten-minute scenes and games. We loved what we were doing, and, during that time, we developed one of the show formats that we still perform today. It's as engaging for audiences and performers as ever. Each show is fresh and fun.

As managers, Parmentier and Judkins sought a creative environment that challenged and fulfilled us artistically. They knew that we were capable of more and wanted to push us to new heights. They realized short-form wasn't enough. In 2004, they started Atlas Improv. The active members of ComedySportz - Madison followed Parmentier and Judkins to do something new and amazing.

Today, Atlas Improv fosters an expert in each of its players. In story arc, character building, or pure wit, every performer is a master.


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