Our Vision: A world where no girl or woman is bought or sold

Our Mission: To End Sex Trafficking 

Apne Aap Women Worldwide is an Indian grassroots organization working against sex-trafficking. 

We enroll children of prostituted women in school, file cases against traffickers, help women exit prostitution, advocate for better laws and policies and reduce vulnerabilities, especially among nomadic group labelled as criminal tribes under British colonialism, to sex-trafficking. 

We work in red-light districts and caste-ghettoes in Bihar, Delhi and West Bengal and have supported more than 20,000 prostituted and at-risk girls, women and their family members since our foundation in 2002. 

Our founders are the journalist, Ruchira Gupta and 22 women in prostitution, who dreamt of a world in which no girl or woman would be bought or sold. 

Its sister organization, Apne Aap USA, supports the work of Apne Aap in India, mentors US based survivors of prostitution, builds university partnerships, trains students on anti-human trafficking work and supports the development of victim-centric policies at the UN, among other governments and among international partners.

We are a registered non-profit in the US. Our Tax EIN# 134199270 



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Proud to fight human trafficking along with Apne Aap & Ruchira Gupta
Ashton Kutcher
A terrific anti-trafficking organization!
Nicholas Kristoph
They (Apne Aap) see hope, where others see despair.
Former President Bill Clinton
Having been a friend to Apne Aap for 10 yrs, I have sat in circles with these women as they broke their silence against extraordinary odds & have helped me break my own silence.
Ashley Judd
Apne Aap has become a beacon for other countries.
Gloria Steinem
I am so grateful to Apne Aap, without them I would never have left my alcoholic husband who was selling me for years. I am now a seamstress and take care of me & my children.
Meena (Survivor)

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