Annie Bloom's Books first opened its doors in Multnomah Village in 1978. Forty years later, we're still thriving!

A neighborhood independent bookstore, we carry a broad range of new (not used) books across many genres. Along with a strong fiction section, we excel in children's/young adult, travel, current events, and cooking. You can find it all here at Annie Bloom's, including magazines, CDs, and a fabulous selection of cards. And, for you bargain hunters out there, we are constantly bringing in new stacks of amazing sale books.

Our main emphasis is on customer service. We want to make your browsing experience a pleasure. And, of course, we want to help you find what you're looking for. If we don't have your book in stock, we can usually get it for you in just a few days. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff awaits you.

Come visit Annie Bloom's today!


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