The Alive Center empowers the youth of today to become the resilient and impassioned leaders of tomorrow by helping them to find purpose. The Alive Center is a one-of-a-kind teen center in Illinois that deeply impacts thousands of youth through a powerful peer mentoring model. Alive provide teens and tweens a unique place to connect, discover and come alive! Our goal is for kids to stop looking for acceptance outside of themselves and instead accept and embrace who they are. We encourage them to focus on their gifts and talents, developing what makes each of them unique, helping them to find that critical purpose in life... What makes them come alive!

Our free Teen-Led, Teen-DrivenTM programs, classes, events, and Drop-in Hours have been designed to build confident and resilient kids and are offered year-round. On any given day at Alive, one will find Teen-Led tutoring, mentoring and clubs as well as life skill classes such as healthy cooking, stress management, unstructured art and dance, STEM, open music, creative writing and just plain fun! As a nonprofit we keep most of our programs free of charge so that they are easily accessible to all kids!


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