Welcome to the Quartz Wellness Collective and 39QUARTZ Events.

A Balanced & Moderate Approach to Living Well from the Inside Out!

We're a positive community of people who like to be well, do well and have good times! We’re not going to judge you for eating meat, drinking wine or because you still like to turn up and listen to Cardi B.

We embrace all of who we are on the journey to live our best lives! No side-eyes here!

We’re going to encourage you to live on purpose, be authentic, think good thoughts, surround yourself with good people, do your best, look your best, try new things, go new places, pour goodness into your self, and live well on your own terms.

Through our events, workshops, parties, retreats, blog and social media, you'll meet like-minded, positive and progressive folks, and a collective of wellness professionals, practitioners and brands who share their expertise on personal growth, fitness, food, purpose-driven work and business, natural healing, relationships, family & finance.


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