The Varli Food Festival 2017
An Indian Culinary and Chef Showcase

Case Study

Multi-Event Platform usage to consolidated, single use of
As a powerful brand in the restaurant industry with a stellar reputation for quality, the Varli Food Festival team came to us to maximize online transactions and increase their marketing footprint. Eventcombo brought them off multiple platforms and exceeded their expectation by out-performing the combined sales of the previous year.
Marketing Support


Increase in Attendance from previous year
Increase in revenues from previous year
Increased sponsorship revenue

The Varli Food Festival 2017 An Indian Culinary and Chef Showcase

Bridgewater, NJ
Sunday, Sep 10, 2017
Varli Singh, Founder, Varli Magazine

"I thought it was too late to switch over, I already had my event set up on multiple platforms until we learned about Eventcombo. The switch was seamless and I am so happy we jumped on board. We had tried several ticketing platforms over the last few years and could never find the right fit. We realized quickly that Eventcombo gave us everything our event needed under one platform. We had the technology to support our needs and we had the extra marketing push to bring us more attendees. We pride ourselves in being a quality brand and that was complemented through our partnership with Eventcombo."

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