Social Change Film Festivals in Chicago,
Los Angeles and New York

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1 week before event for Chicago

As a grassroots organization doing wonderful community work, we were very excited to partner with Social Change. This was the first year the org ventured out to NY and LA for their film festivals and Eventcombo provided the extra support they needed to position the festivals for even greater success.


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Social Change Film Festival in NY

#ChangeFest's Final Day of Fun, Film and Festival!
10/13/2017 5:00 PM

Social Change Film Festival in LA

#PopUp #ChangeFest -
Los Angeles
Saturday, Oct 21, 2017

Social Change Film Festival in Chicago

#PopUp #ChangeFest -
New York
Saturday, Oct 28, 2017
Todd Belcore, Founder, Chicago Social Change

"We discovered Eventcombo and immediately were struck by the passion they have for what we set out to accomplish. We're a grass roots organization and are primarily driven by support from our partners. Support is exactly what we received from Eventcombo. We knew our ticketing and marketing were in good hands, which allowed us to focus on the growth of our festival this year. When you compare apples to apples, Eventcombo wins each and every time."

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