We all know that creating a motivated, high-performance team is challenging. The challenge to keep team members motivated is even higher during stressful times. Therefore, situational leadership demands that we lubricate the wheels of business, with generous doses of humor.  

 There are some very good reasons why humor@work is important.  

Alleviate stress, elevate moods 

Good natured fun filled activities at work lessen the stress and create a jovial work environment, which makes work a pleasurable experience. Companies which promote fun events have teams which are highly productive, creative, and super charged. It’s often super easy to know if an office has taken fun@work seriously. People are super friendly and the environment has a palpable buzz that resonates from a group of highly motivated people.  

What are some good ideas to create humor@work? 

Have a Chief Humor Officer 

Designate one cheerful employee to start as the CHO – Chief Humor Officer. The CHO can plan fun events and add humorous interludes to serious meetings. Just imagine, if a discussion gets heated and someone chimes in with, “Folks, I see that things are getting intense. I’m going to put on my ‘Yoda’ cap now and share a few words of wisdom - ‘The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, when passions run high.’ (Actually, a modified Yoda quote).” There are going to be quite a few grins and a few quizzical expressions too. The important thing is, tense moments are going to be broken down and stress relieved.  

“Yoda” (Star Wars, of course) can just as easily be “Pooh” (Winnie the Pooh), or even the wise old “Shifu” of Kung Fu Panda. You get the idea. 

While it might be a little strange at first, employees might soon be demanding their “turn” to become the “Shifu” or the “Yoda” of the entire department. Have them draw lots and watch the humor quotient of the company rise manifold.  

The CHO can also designate one employee each day as the designated “humor manager” for the day. The “humor manager” is required to bring and share a really good joke to all. If the jokes are shared before meetings as the “joke of the day” it can change the tenor of the meetings.  

These are some practical ideas to get the ball rolling and promote humor in your organization. You can create a “humor achievement” plan and roll it out step by step too.  

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Get to Know Each Other 

Hosting a super cool watercooler chat (See what we did there?) with your employees can help build on interpersonal relationships that carve the path for humor to flow freely between colleagues. Interpersonal relationships make the work life come alive, trust us on this! 

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