LGBTQ Pride Month is finally here! June is full of amazing events that’ll impact your life in one way or another. For those part of the LGBTQ community, Pride Month is a way to acknowledge the lives of those who have fought hard for equal rights in the late 1960’s. The 1969 Stonewall Riots gave a chance for those to fight against what is right that took place in NYC. Now, all over the world, Pride Month is celebrated with a fierce pride that is contagious. San Francisco has been one of the best cities to celebrate Pride and here are 5 fun and amazing events to check out this month:

Krewe de Kinque Mardi Gras Club Benefit Show

Krewe de Kinque Mardi Gras Club Benefit Show San Fransisco

Check out this fun event at The Edge on June 17! This popular event includes raffles; drink specials, and so much more! You can even partake in the open show if you’re feeling brave. With singers, drag shows, amazing music, and fun atmosphere, you’re sure to celebrate Pride in style! Check this link here for more information.

Kool Aid SF Pride 2017 Party at The EndUp

Kool Aid SF Pride 2017 Party at The EndUp San Fransisco

Join this after party after you check out the amazing Pride parade! You’ll be able to dance to everything from hip-hop to trap that many DJs will play. Tickets go from $10-30 and you won’t regret coming here to finish off Pride month! Click here for information on performers and more. 

Queer Women of Color Film Festival

Queer Women of Color Film Festival San Fransisco

Two weekends before Pride Sunday, The Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project will put together a collection of films, art, activism, and more! You’ll open up your mind to a different perspective and learn how you can participate in working together in building a strong community. The films are directed by independent filmmakers and are highly recommended! Check out what films will be screened here

National Queer Arts Festival

National Queer Arts Festival San Fransisco

Throughout the month of June, you can check out what the Queer Cultural Center has to offer. With arts events, fundraisers, and more, you’ll enjoy what 60 talented San Francisco-based artists have created. There are tons are events such as Queer Comic Expo, Queer Rebels, and others that you could check out on their website here. Check out all the pride events this month here

San Francisco Pride Parade 2017

San Francisco Pride Parade 2017

You can’t celebrate pride month properly without going to the pride parade! On June 24-25, celebrate diversity and love at this year’s pride! You’ll be surrounded by people who want their voice heard, who want to honor those who fought for their rights, and who want to celebrate LGBTQ culture. You should definitely join in on the celebrations as you’ll be part of an amazing community. Check out their website to learn more about performers, locations, and more here.

For more amazing events in your city, check out The Buzz here.

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