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Desi Music » Music Features » 2011
Bohemia Produces Jasmine Sandlas' Mang Ke
Jasmine Sandlas is relaunching her music career with her new single "Mang Ke" and the support of rapper Bohemia. Find out more here.

Bohemia Produces Jasmine Sandlas' <i>Mang Ke</i>

Bohemia is often recognized as the Punjabi rapper. With his independent albums gaining massive distribution and appeal, Bohemia then headed to Bollywood and has been featured on soundtracks for 8 X 10 Tasveer and Chandni Chowk to China. For this next project, Bohemia is focusing on the production showcasing a different side to his artistry. Bohemia is producing for West Coast singer Jasmine Sandlas, who is taking control and relaunching her career.

In a press release, Bohemia states, "The reason I chose to work with Jasmine is because she felt like the perfect female singer to produce for." He goes on to say, "Her raw style of singing Punjabi songs with such ease is something I am a fan of. She not only pushes the boundaries of Punjabi music, [but] she forgets that those boundaries ever existed. If I was gonna work with any female singer, it had to be Jasmine Sandlas. She is the most hard-working girl I know. She has a good head on her shoulders and big plans for her future."

Jasmine will be debuted for her new single "Mang Ke" at Torch Lounge in Buena Park on October 21st; for her fans outside of the California region, Jasmine has shared a quick video teaser. Talking about her refreshed career, Jasmine says, "I've always been the go-getter type. I have been doing music for a decade now; it came in the forms of singing on stages, collaborating with different teams, and even recording music with different companies. This single, 'Mang Ke,' signifies Jasmine Sandlas [in control]. From here on out, I will design my music career myself; this is why I call 'Mang Ke' my first single. In the past, it's been fun and games and, now, this is work. This is real life."

Last year, Jasmine's music was released on Diamond Lane Records alongside Mixman Shawn. Jasmine had been a featured voice as well as dropped a couple of solo records, but the new music has a fresh vibe and you can feel the energy from Jasmine.

Jasmine positions herself an artist "with a blend of elegant Punjabi lyrics and urban California swagger". She is inspired by Punjabi folk vocalists as well as Hindi pop singers, bringing a great blend of the two sounds within her own.

Jasmine has been in California for ten years now, chasing her dream for equally as long. Her renewed attitude and the support of Bohemia are truly the right elements for a successful career; now, her fate is in the hands of fans. Jasmine's album is slated for a December 2011 release.

Tags: jasmine sandlas, mang ke, bohemia, torch lounge

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