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Desi Music » Music Features » 2011
Jazzy B Returns with Maharajas
Bhangra artist Jazzy B has released his new album Maharajas. Get your first listen of some of the new songs here.

Jazzy B Returns with <i>Maharajas</i>

Jazzy Bains (Jazzy B) is a legend and household name on the bhangra scene. His quirky style and ability to blend new and old sounds have kept him current. Proving he still has some new, creative juices in his body, Jazzy B has released his new album Maharajas!

Moviebox Records is the proud distributor of the new album and, from what we can see, fans are excited for it! The lush album name has set the pace for the music videos, and each clip looks more extravagant than the last. We first got drift of the album with an album teaser. Jazzy B is seen with an army well-dressed and poised. The cinematography of the video is impressive, and Jazzy B is giving all the bhangra acts out there a run for their money.

With Sukhshinder Shinda as the album's music producer, we get a great taste of classic folk sounds which, surprisingly, are becoming less common on the circuit. The promo for the video "Hukam" shows Jazzy B engaged in a battle. Once again, the clips are all unified with the same theme and cinematography. There is no disconnect between the album and videos, showing us that Jazzy B has put quite a bit of effort and thought into this project.

As if that wasn't enough for the beginning of this month, Jazzy B took his new album to his fans with a performance at this year's London Mela. The biggest UK acts got together to put on a free show for their fans, and, needless to say, the crowds were massive.

This fame and attention is no new news for Jazzy B. This star started his career in the early 90s. Signed to Kiss Records, Jazzy B released his first seven albums bringing him all the way through to the year 2000. As music was taking on more western styles, Jazzy B was able to play with his musical style and dropped Surma, which is an album we still enjoy.

Between Moviebox and Venus Records, Jazzy B continued to turn out one album after another. Seventeen albums later, Jazzy B has brought us many iconic tracks. Some of our favorites include "Dil Luteya", "Rambo", "Kaun Nachdi", and "Surma".

As more clips showcase the music of Maharajas, we fall more in love with Jazzy B's music. Be sure to watch all the new music videos from Jazzy B!

Album Teaser:


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Bullett Raja

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