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Desi Music » Music Features » 2005
Massari: Talented and Sexy Heartthrob
This is a rare treat for all you South Asian music fans. Massari is an Arab-Canadian singer who is creating a legion of fans. His sensual lyrics and amazing good looks can only lead to one thing, global stardom!

Massari: Talented and Sexy Heartthrob

Capital Prophet recording artist Massari is scorching up the airwaves with his R&B, Middle Eastern inspired smooth sound. His name means money in Arabic, which is not a surprise since he is rolling in it with the super success of his sophomore self titled CD released May 31, 2005. With piercing gray eyes and smooth brown skin matching his sexy voice, he has women screaming out his name within Canada and is bound to cause the same effect where ever his music and videos reach. His song "Smile for Me" features former Badboy recording artist Loon, which has the distinctive Badboy sound combined with smooth Eastern groves. His hit song "Be Easy" is also on heavy rotation on Much Music (Canada's MTV), and has won several awards for best video. Massari dedicates his albums to the ladies, which motivates him to write songs about love. He's also trilingual, speaking Arabic, French and English.

Desiclub is bringing you an exclusive interview with the hottest thing to come out of Canada since the invention of Snow Suites: He's Massari, the man behind the magnetic smile, who's sure to melt the hearts of adoring female fans the world over.

Rita Bhattacharya: You're originally from Lebanon and when you were 10, you settled with your family in Canada. How hard was it adjusting to living here especially since you had to leave Lebanon under political tension?
Massari: When my family and I moved to Canada, it felt as though we were given another chance at life. I am forever grateful to this country for taking us in as one of their own at our time of need. Coming from a land of war to a land of peace was a major change for me. I was no longer afraid of walking to or from school and I never worried about the war reaching my family.

RB: How hard or easy is it to express yourself in your music when you think in three different languages? And which language is your favorite?
Massari: I find it easy to express myself in any language, because I can speak to women from different backgrounds. I can also tell a woman that I love her in all three languages, which is an added bonus. Honestly, I don't have a favorite language, since they are all unique in their own way.

"...I do get to enjoy the lifestyle portrayed in my videos...

RB: In 2002, you released your debut album "Spitfire," which got heavy rotation in Eastern Canada. Three years later, you returned with your self titled CD. Mainstream radio stations are playing your songs, along with your video playing on Much Music. This is a great achievement for a non Black/White artist, but what surprised me was hearing you on the BBC Asian Network. How does it make you feel that you're getting overseas attention in the UK?
Massari: The UK is its own world and North America is a completely different market. Things that are hot in North America won't necessarily be hot in the UK and vice versa. I'm very thankful that my music style can cross over and be popular in both markets. It feels great to know that thousands of miles away, people are listening to my music.

RB: You say that you sing for the ladies and you love the feeling you get when you hear women screaming your name while on stage. Were you always a success with the ladies or did you ever have an ugly duckling phase while growing up, do tell?!
Massari: I'd like to think I was always a bit of a ladies man, but there have been a couple of girls that have left me speechless and I didn't know how to act around them or know what to say. These experiences are what inspired me to record "Real Love." Aside from that, my parents have taught me to respect women so that gives me an edge over some guys out there. Since the success of the album, I don't get to date as much as I used to since my schedule is so hectic. When I had the time to date, that's all I was doing (laughs).

RB: So much has happened to you in the last few years in terms of personal and professional success. What has been the biggest change to your life now that you're becoming a household name?
Massari: I can't go to malls anymore.

RB: Massari in Arabic means money and you certainly show this to be true with the way you live the high life in your videos. How much of what you show in your videos is reality and how much of it is just good old fashioned image building hype? Do you really enjoy these things in real life?
Massari: The beautiful thing about being with Capital Prophet Records is that they allow me to dream big. Tony Sal taught me any goal is achieved through the power of a dream. In reality, I do get to enjoy the lifestyle portrayed in my videos. Our videos reflect every life.

RB: You infuse Arabic instruments within your second CD along with using South Asian influences like the Tabla and various distinct Indian sounds. How is Arabic music different or similar to South Asian music?
Massari: All music around the world is similar but at the same time, each has its own distinct sound. I would have to say that all music, regardless of its origins is beautiful.

RB: One of your biggest influences is Arabic singer George Wassouf, because like yourself he sings from the heart. Have you ever considered writing more songs in both Arabic and English for mainstream appeal?
Massari: One of the fan favorites from my second CD is "Inta Hayati" (you are my life), which I sing in both Arabic and English. People from all races are responding to this song. Everybody loves it and appreciates the song's originality. From the response with this track, it encourages me to do more than one infused song on the next album.

RB: Are you planning on touring within Canada and the US anytime soon?
Massari: Since my album's release, I've performed at over fifty venues across Canada and the US and I'm still touring.

RB: Any final words for Desiclub readers and where can we catch some of your upcoming events and info?
Massari: I want to thank all my fans from all over the world who have supported me and also the DJs, radio stations, newspapers and magazines who've contributed to my success. Last but not least I want to thank Desiclub and to anybody who took the time to read this feature and learn a little bit more about me. For more information about my tour dates and to see the new video "Real Love", log onto

Be sure to check out Massari's self titled second CD at major record stores. The CD has some exclusive interactive features making this both an audio and visual musical treat.

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