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Desi Music » Album Reviews » 2009
Badd Boy Bhangra
Artist: Planet DJ Productions
Type: Bhangra Mix
Label: Planet DJ Productions
Released: December 2008

Badd Boy Bhangra

It is no secret that today good Bhangra mixes are few and far between, unlike years past. So it is somewhat exciting for a new Bhangra CD to appear in my mail box from This time it was Badd Boy Bhangra by Planet DJ Productions, offering two solid twenty minute mixes and three exclusive remixes.

At first glance I was somewhat disappointed as the CD only listed five tracks in total. But my disappointment quickly evaporated after popping the album into the CD player. Seriously, it has been a long time since I've heard a twenty minute Bhangra mix that A) kept me entertained and B) was mixed flawlessly. Mix one entitled Bad Boy Bhangra featured fourteen samples of bumpin bhangra excitement followed by mix two featuring another fourteen samples. I immediately ripped this album to my iPod as I ran off to the gym, I was in Bhangra heaven.

This is one album that really gets your heart pounding on the tread mill. Planet DJ Productions should market this CD as a work out album because it really makes you want to move. Beyond the mixes they feature a very unique remix of the now infamous Mundian Tho Bachke that at first had me scratching my head, but it grew on me. They followed with an interesting track that I really have not been able to figure out yet though I like it and a really cool dhol sample. Overall regardless if you are a hardcore Bhangra head or just a casual fan this is a must have addition to your iPod for 2009!

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Bullett Raja

Bullett Raja

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