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Desi Music » Album Reviews » 2002
True Players (Jay and Dee)
Artist: True Players
Type: Punjabi Original
Label: Untouchables Records
Released: July, 2002

True Players

We've got another good Untouchables Records release for you... Lethal Dholis, RDB, and names like that come to mind, but ofcourse the True Players stand tall in there own right. Jay and Dee's (True Players) debut album has a total of ten tracks. We've got actual singing going on in this album, yes, we have singing in all albums. But I mean these guys actually have the type of talent that seems to be attained from training and singing lessons. The hard work has definitely paid off, in a big way too.

With songs like Baby Dai They Pyar, Saajana, Dak Dak Kardaa, Tou He Tou, Rab Jaanai, Eh Haseena, and more... True Players keep the Punjabi vibe alive. Actually, not just alive, but jolted with 1000 volts of Punjabi electricity. This album is very well produced and the time and effor put into it is very evident. Ofcourse, that is partly because it is directly out of the UK. And work like this is mostly seen in UK based albums.

My favorite tracks are numbers 4 (Katra, feat. Lethal Dholis) and five (Tou He Tou), which is a very nice love song. I love Punjabi love songs. They've got the intensity that other love songs sometimes lack. It can get scary though, telling a girl you love her in Punjabi sounds like a threat in Gujurati, try it. (haha)

But back to the album, Tou He Tou is a beautiful song, play it for your girl! Track number six is no deadbeat, Sangee Naa is a Hip Hop mix, and I'll tell you, I've been blasting this baby in my car day and night. Mostly at night cause thats when I get my groove on. Its tight! The rest of the album is pretty much on par with these tracks, so you get an idea of this album's talents. True Players, keep playin'!

4 out of 5 bindis - Its very good

Do you have any thoughts on this? Feel free to send Khalid an e-mail @ Khalid Ilahi.

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