Two US Congressmen Honored by DesiClub.com South Asian Media Awards

DesiClub.com's Saroosh Gull and Intense's Aash Sharavah recently met up with Congressmen Frank Pallone and Bobby Jindal to give them the SAMA trophies...
by Staff Writer

Frank Pallone with Aash Shravah and Saroosh Gull

NEW YORK - Intense and Desiclub.com recently visited two U.S. Congressmen at their offices to present them with their very own trophies from the inaugural Desiclub.com South Asian Media Awards, which were held in New York on June 4th. New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone and Louisiana Congressman Bobby Jindal were winners at the landmark awards show, which honored and showcased the success of South Asians in North America.

The awards ceremony was developed to recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the South Asian community through their talent and hard work. Congressman Bobby Jindal was one of five nominated in the category of Outstanding Political Leadership along with Kumar Bavre, Upendra Chivukula, Swati Dandekar and Parag Patel. Jindal received the most votes by the general public through an online voting process on the official awards website (www.desiclub.com/awards). On receiving the trophy, aptly titled the SAMA, from Aash Shravah of Intense, Jindal was appreciative of the support from the South Asian Community and hoped he could continue to serve as a positive role model for the South Asian youth.

Congressman Frank Pallone was presented with the SAMA by Saroosh Gull of DesiClub.com & Aash Shravah in the category of "Most Desi Non-Desi". This was a special category, developed to honor a Non-South Asian individual who has made strides to recognize and support the South Asian community. This award was based on recognition rather than votes. Congressman Frank Pallone has supported many South Asian issues and continues to represent the South Asian demographic in his native New Jersey. Congressman Pallone was honored to have been chosen in this category at the inaugural DesiClub.com South Asian Media Awards, and will continue his hard work and dedication on the issues that are of concern to the South Asian Community.

"It was a great honor and privilege to meet two of our nation's Congressmen and to be able to congratulate them in person on a job well done. We hope the heroes of today can help lead the youth to be the heroes of tomorrow. If this is accomplished our mission will have succeeded," were the sentiments expressed by Mr. Gull and Mr. Shravah.

For a complete list of the 2005 DesiClub.com South Asian Media Awards winners, please log on to the official website, www.DesiClub.com/Awards.