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Bombay Jadoo - A Review

A book that captures the very essence of Bombay, the backdrop of India.
by Vinay Patel

Bombay Jadoo

In recent years, with the advent of India becoming an economical powerhouse, we envision India as a new nation filled with skyscrapers and business suits. In actuality, India is still that very same old country with the old world charm and new world passion. In the new publication, "Bombay Jadoo," Photographer Betsy Karel captures Bombay for its raw, authentic existence.

Bombay, now Mumbai has always been a bustling city with big city aspirations and ofcourse, big city grit. Betsy captures all the jadoo (magic) of Bombay with imagery that is truly inspiring and insightful. With a vivid view of street children, small businesses, markets, traffic, animals, and the whole people of this historic city, it is quite easy to become lost in the mystic power of these images.

With text by Ardashir Vakil and Suketu Mehta who give powerful insight through their words, this is a great book for the coffee table or to start up many a conversation about life in a magical city.

The people and objects photographed in Bombay Jadoo exemplify true life, from the Bollywood film set to the street performer to the laid back lifestyle of some of its inhabitants. Betsy has done a profound job in showcasing Bombay's charm to the rest of the world through her lens.

For more info on this masterful work and viewing some of the images, visit

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