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Mariyah Moten, she's our cover girl!

Mariyah is beautiful, smart and did we mention beautiful? Read on and become mesmerized.
by Khalid Ilahi

Mariyah Moten

Mariyah Moten is a true beauty, inside and out. She has taken her desire to do what she wants and has broken boundaries like no one before her. After participating in the Miss Pakistan Canada pageant, not winning but placing respectably, she used that momentum to participate in global pageants including Miss World Bikini in China. She has also become the face of mainstream South Asian women by professionally representing herself in the world of fashion and modelling. All these great things have not come without controversy, however. She has been at the receiving end of paramount criticsm from Pakistani government officials for using the title Miss Pakistan Bikini.

With all this attention and success, she has accomplished an even greater feat by being chosen as the front cover model for the very first Sexy South Asian Girls Calendar (while also being Miss April). Her sexy, stunning looks have left an impression, which will reach out to millions. While breaking stereotypes and achieving success, she has not lost her identity and remains a sincere and down to earth person. We now introduce you to this sexy and intelligent South Asian American female.

Khalid Ilahi: First of all Mariyah, congratulations on being selected to be the front cover girl of the "Sexy South Asian Girls of 2007" Calendar - what was your first reaction when you heard the news?
Mariyah Moten: At first I was speechless and then just flattered. I think just having the opportunity to be a part of the Sexy South Asian Girls Calendar was an honor and then being on the front cover was just the icing on the cake.

KI: Tell us more about yourself, where you're from and where you were raised, etc.
MM: I was born in Pakistan and raised in Texas. So I do have a little bit of a cowgirl in me. I love spending time with my family and friends. I have two younger sisters whom I am very close to.

"...My ideal boy toy would be..."

KI: Being Pakistani, it must not have been easy for you to get involved with this project or the Miss Bikini pageant that you also recently participated in, in China.
MM: No, actually I think me being a Pakistani helped me get where I am today. My identity as a Pakistani helped me stand out in a crowd of 50 beautiful young ladies in China, which also gave me an opportunity to do this project.

KI: What does your family think about what you're doing? How have they dealt with their relatives' opinions on all this?
MM: They are supportive of me and have always encouraged me to do what makes me happy. Most of my relatives have also been very supportive. I must say I am very thankful to have a family who loves and cares for me.

KI: Do you feel like a revolutionary in terms of breaking that horrible stereotype of being an oppressed and sheltered Pakistani muslim woman?
MM: Yes, I do feel that this is revolutionary in terms of breaking that stereotype, it's always hard to accept changes but with time people learn to accept them. I hope that this will allow people to see the different types of beauty Pakistan holds within it.

KI: How do you feel about the possibility that millions of Pakistani people, or anyone for that matter, will be looking at you in a negative light?
MM: It all comes with the territory. It's easy to be a follower; in my opinion all leaders will have people who disagree with what they are doing. I am well prepared and aware of the situation, so I don't let it get to me.

KI: Have you ever gotten any death threats from any religious extremists?
MM: No, I have never gotten threats personally from anyone.

KI: That's quite pleasing to hear, I guess there aren't as many wackos out there as people think. Enough with the drama, tell us more about yourself Mariyah, what do you do for fun and to unwind?
MM: For fun I like to travel and visit different places. I also like to hang out with friends and family. To unwind I like to work out or go shopping; I also enjoy cooking.

KI: Do you have a boyfriend? While we hold our breath, give us a description of your ideal boy toy.
MM: No, not at this time. My ideal boy toy would be someone who is very confident, caring, supportive, and has a great sense of humor. He would also be someone who could please me in everyway possible, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

KI: Tell us three things you do when you're completely alone. Don't hold back either!
MM: I love watching Lifetime Movie Network, I love taking Bubble Baths when I'm alone and I also love listening to music. Any of these kinky enough for you?

KI: What's your favorite food to play with?
MM: Chocolate dipped strawberries.

KI: Mine too! What do you hope to accomplish now that you've been given such a great platform for exposure? What else are you currently working on?
MM: I'd like to continue with my modeling career, and explore the movie and music industry. Recently, I was given a great opportunity to present an award at the Bollywood Music Awards 2006. Also being Kohinoor Diamond's model of the year 2006-07 I will stay busy working at fashion shows and other promotional events for them. I will also work on commercials and photo shoots for Kohinoor Diamonds, along with other interviews and photo shoots.

KI: Where will we see you 5 years from now?
MM: I see myself working hard and being successful in this career. I would like to use the media to focus attention on some humanitarian causes that I support.

KI: Any final words for our readers?
MM: Anything is possible and achievable. Just keep your eyes on your dream and your feet on the ground. I think staying focused and working hard is important for any career.

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