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25 things to do on a first date

You can thank us when you and your date are having kids a few years from now.
by South Asian Insider

25 things to do on a first date

Creating a great first date experience is vital in making the right first impression on your date. A poorly planned date might leave the other party thinking you are unorganized, careless, and unthoughtful. The more effort you put into making it a memory, and not just a meeting, might be the difference between a second date or a mid-date ditch. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Did you meet due to common interests? If you met in a class or club, expand on that interest on your first date.

1. Take a pottery painting class.
2. Try a dance demonstration class.
3. Interested in fitness? How about a trial yoga or tai chi class?
4. Enjoy nature and the outdoors? Take a nature walk at the local park or beach.
5. Go to the local botanical gardens or a specialty plant store.
6. Go to a Bonsai specialty store and learn how to trim a Bonsai. Buy your date a plant as a gift and remembrance of your date!
7. Like sports? How about a trip to the bowling alley?
8. Spend the evening at an amusement park.
9. Try out a sports park and test your skills at the go-carts or batting cages!
10. Like to cook? Try a new recipe together and set up your dinner table for a romantic meal. If shared hobbies or interests haven't really brought you together, you might need some help to keep a conversation going. Choose a date that will allow for less talking and more opportunities for casual conversation.
11. The old standby... dinner and a movie. This is a classic date, because it provides you with the relaxation of a movie, and a conversation starter (movie critique) during dinner. Try a movie and the relaxed environment of your local coffeehouse!
12. Try tennis or racquetball that requires some interaction over the net!
13. Go to a psychic or psychic faire! This can be a fun way to break the ice, and open up conversations regarding hopes and dreams of the future, and beliefs of the supernatural! (Everyone seems to have at least one ghost story!)
14. Visit a nearby shopping district or downtown area and window-shop! Stroll down the street and talk casually while sipping on coffees. Stop and eat at local venders and sit and relax in green spaces.
15. Walk the dog. If you have a love for pets in common, take your dogs to a dog park!
16. Visit the Zoo. Also a classic first date because it is a little out of the ordinary, has built in conversation starters (how do you feel about Bats?) and usually has food venders. If you are lucky, plan your date around a Zoo event like a music feature or art show!
17. Local festivals or specialty shows. If you enjoy walking and watching people, head out to a local art or ethnic festival. Check out a car or outdoors sports show, anything that might be of interest to your date, and provide a built in conversational opportunity will be great.
18. The Imax. Not just your usual movie experience, make it a theme date. If the Imax movie revolves around an ocean theme, follow it up with a seafood dinner or stroll by the beach!
19. Check out the local museum! Chances are your date may have some special interests that will be presented at the museum of your choice. Maybe Egyptian art is an interest, or Chinese textiles. Find out what his/her tastes and interests are, and build from there. Perhaps you have known your date for a while as friends and are ready to pour on the romance. If you are comfortable and conversation flows freely, try a little romance.
20. Theme Night: If you know a specific interest of your date, turn it into an evening of fun! If their favorite color is red, make a spaghetti dinner with red place settings and glasses. Buy him/her some red roses, and watch "The Hunt for Red October" or "The Red Violin."
21. Tell your date to reserve a certain day and time and to meet you somewhere special. Leave a trail of notes and clues to get your date from point A. (the meeting place) to point B. (Perhaps you, on a blanket, with a picnic lunch.) Make it easy, and fun.
22. Ask his/her friends: Find out if your date has expressed any specific wishes for great dates. Chances are their friends will be able to clue you in on just the right first move to make.
23. Contact a hot air balloon company or cruising yacht and rent it for an afternoon. Have champagne and of course a camera to capture your memories.
24. Take a Ride: Whether it is on a bike, a motorcycle or car, plan an afternoon in the country and drive. Make sure you know the route and plan to stop for meals and treats along the way.
25. Be active! Go apple picking, roller-skating or even kite flying. Spend the day outdoors, and rent a movie and get a pizza for a relaxing evening back at home when you return. Nothing is better than relaxing with a friend after a day of exercise and fresh air.

No matter what level your friendship is on before your first date, remember that this is your first chance to make an impression as a potential love interest so don't screw it up!

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