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Pakistan's First Miss Bikini Pakistan makes history!

Mariyah Moten, a name you will definitely be hearing about more in the coming weeks, that we promise you.
by Staff Writer

Mariyah Moten

Miss Canada Pakistan along with CP Promotions are presenting their second Miss Canada Pakistan Pageant on Feb 15, 2004, at the International Centre inside the luxurious Aviation Ballroom. It is expected to be quite an experience filled with excitement at this mainstream North American Pakistani cultural event of the year, as 15 beautiful, intelligent, and talented Pakistani beauties compete for the title of Miss Canada Pakistan 2004.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder as they say, but Miss Canada Pakistan Inc. believes that true beauty is a woman who is confident, ambitious, courageous, intelligent, but most of all; possesses and demonstrates great strength. This year, they will welcome an array of young woman, aged 16-29, that include high school students to working professionals, all who share in the love of, and whom want to celebrate Pakistan.

The mission of the Miss Canada Pakistan Pageant is to find positive, energetic role models who will represent and inspire the Pakistani youth within their great community. In addition, the pageant is a great way for the youth to participate in cultural showcases and maintain Pakistani heritage and identities while we embrace our new Canadian lifestyles and traditions.

Beauty, Talent, Academic Excellence and Cultural Awareness is the theme on which Miss Canada Pakistan Inc. was developed; and to the end, we are proud and honored to present the best. President Sonia Ahmed started the company in March 2001. In her words, "Miss Canada Pakistan, Inc. is a company designed to not only introduce, but to promote the diverse Pakistani talent and culture to Canada through pageants for young women and men. The times have changed, and it is time that we Pakistanis change with it," says Ms. Ahmed, who has endured a lot of backlash and discouragement from members of her mainly ultra-conservative community, she still feels that the Miss Canada Pakistan pageant is something that she needs to continue.

Last year, on February 1, 2003, about 500 spectators gathered at the University of Ottawa and watched in great excitement as the very first Miss Canada Pakistan, Miss Zehra Sheerazi was crowned. The gorgeous and very intelligent, now 20 year old hails from Oakville and is currently studying at Queens University. Over the year, Zehra's schedule as Miss Canada Pakistan has been extremely busy and very rewarding.

In August, Zehra traveled to Korea, along with contestants from all over the world, to compete in the Miss World University Pageant, where she not only represented Pakistan, but also Queens University. Although, Zehra did not win the Miss World University Pageant crown, she did not walk away empty-handed. She was the sixth runner-up and given the Peace Ambassador Award. More over, it is the first time that a representative of Pakistan participated in the 16 year history of the show.

Sponsors of this daring and must see event include Desi News, Asian Television Network, Images Photography, E-llusion Studios, Pure Beauty, the Pakistan Times Canada,,, and Link Consultants Inc.

Come celebrate all that is Pakistani on Feb 15, 2004 inside the International Centre. Watch as each contestant's supporters fill the room with loud cheers of encouragement as they anxiously wait to discover who the next Miss Canada Pakistan queen will be.

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