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Bollywood Movies Free on Google

Since the publishing of this story, Google has ceased allowing Bollywood films to be downloaded from its video portal.
by Zubeida Mogul

Bollywood Movies Free on Google

We have all done it before, gone to a search engine in an attempt to find the most random things: the recipe for a dish, our favorite celebs, the number of licks to the center of a tootsie pop, heck we have even searched our own names. Almost every time we get an exact match for our desired search and what's more amazing is the amount of results we get, it's innumerable. It is no surprise then that Bollywood movies have become so widely accessible by these search engines that entire movies can be downloaded with the simple input of the movie title. If one were to attempt to find a Hollywood movie through this medium it would be near impossible. So why does Bollywood do nothing about it?

On average, Bollywood has an annual output of 1,000 films, surpassing even the production of Hollywood films. The Western world has now woken up and embraced the colorful world of the Bollywood movie. But Bollywood can't bring out the back up dancers just yet because Bollywood, as a business, is a disaster. With annual revenues worldwide of about $1.3 billion, Bollywood is chump change compared to Hollywood's $51 billion in revenue. Of course Bollywood has massive potential and that is evident in their ticket sales, which amount to 3.6 billion compared to Hollywood's 2.6 billion. And with DVD, video and satellite TV sales booming it seems that Bollywood can go no where but up, right? Not just yet, Bollywood must tackle their biggest problem: the internet; namely, Google Video.

Yes, that's correct, Google Video has made new movie releases such as "Bunty Aur Babli," "Paheli," "Neal 'N' Nikki," all available on the site, free of charge! It seems Google has no consideration for the copyright laws of other countries. If it were Hollywood movies Google would not think twice but that respect does not seem to apply to Bollywood movies. It is not as if Bollywood flicks aren't available anywhere else, but Google has made the search so much easier. Bollywood has been trying harder to crack down on copyright infringements with local raids on your favorite video stores, but since the advent of person-to-person client sharing, it has become harder to contain this problem.

This issue is analogous to that of the American music industry's battle with Napster. The American music industry aggressively pursued this issue and gained positive results albeit they still have not seized it completely. The Bollywood industry however, does not have the resources to initiate these lawsuits but one has to wonder; why the hell not? Is this Bollywood's way of exposing their movies to the Western world or is it simply because Bollywood is just disorganized. If only Bollywood's business ethics were as strong as their pelvic thrusts, this industry would be colossal.

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