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Sunny Leone Open and Candid

I never thought I'd see the day, but yes, Sunny Leone is on - and does she have some things to say. Guys, don't get your keyboards dirty!!!
by Peta Cooper

Sunny Leone

I think I've made it pretty obvious that one of my all time favorite interviews to do would be with Sunny Leone. Well, I'm one of those lucky few people on this earth who gets to meet and greet people I admire.

We've heard her name countless times. Some people have even questioned if she's Desi. Being in Penthouse afterall, is that a real DESI thing to do? To many it isn't, while to others it isn't a big deal. Whatever your point of view, the 2003 Penthouse Pet of the year sets the record straight right here.

Behind all those pictures that make us react in our own special way, is a very sweet and funny woman. None of my questions seemed to embarrass Sunny or make her think twice, her confidence and ambition beam right through.

Peta Cooper: The first time you took off your clothes for photographs, did you feel uncomfortable?
Sunny Leone: I was nervous but I knew what I was getting into from the get go. The people in this industry make you feel really comfortable. They are doing their job and you do yours. There models don't get mistreated.

PC: How about when it comes to posing in sexually explicit positions? And do you prefer men or women?
SL: I do not do any hardcore pictures or films. So I can't really answer this the way you want me to. I do take soft Playboy style girl on girl pictures. Nothing is real though Peta, it's just soft beautiful pictures.

PC: Alright, let's get raw here, what's your favorite position?
SL: My favorite sexual position would be laying on my side, that way it's still kinda missionary and doggy at the same time. Not sure what the position is called.

PC: Maybe you can call it "Sunny Side Up," (smiles) What about toys, do you use any toys?
SL: I like to do it the natural way so I can do it more than once a day (laughs).

PC: HA! Toys can kill the mood, huh? Anyways, I like my men in boxers, what about you Sunny, boxers or briefs?
SL: I like boxer-briefs, you know the kind that are shorts but sit tight on the skin!

PC: Alright, what about thongs, are you a thong type of gal?
SL: I like thongs when I have to wear them but most of the time I wear boy shorts because I can run around the house in them and they look cute on my behind.

PC: Ok, if you were to write your own XXX flick - who would star in it and what would the plot be?
SL: Adriana Sage. She is the only girl that turns me on enough to entice me to do a movie with her. The basic plot would be her enticing me and seducing me to play with her.

PC: Ouch! That's pretty sexy Sunny! Can you ever imagine one of these rated-X movies having Bhangra music in the background?
SL: No, because I see that as being music that you dance to, laugh and have a good time with. I imagine all my friends dancing and enjoying each other's company. It reminds me of people coming together (pauses), but not for sex. (laughs)

"...that way it's still kinda missionary and doggy at the same time."

PC: Ok, you should've said yes because I'm actually trying to get some Bhangra played in an upcoming blue movie. (laughs) Ok, for our female readers who may want to be in "Penthouse," what sort of advice would you give them?
SL: Well, you mean for those girls that want to be a penthouse PET!?

PC: Hey, Whoa there?! Did you say PET?! Are you making fun of me?
SL: (shakes head) Of course not... (grins) well maybe! I'm just kidding Peta! Anyways, I say if you really want to get into this industry you have to go all the way. Being Indian is hard only because people see you differently. I don't mean you have to go hardcore, but you should really pursue it. The only reason I have gotten as far as I have is because I really wanted to model and I work everyday. But also know that you have to work just as hard to do any profession in this world. To succeed you have to have ambition and without that you have nothing. That goes for men along with the young ladies out there. Strive to be the best you can be and not what mom and dad say you can be.

PC: That's awesome advice, I agree with you 110%! On the auction section of your website, what sort of items do you plan to add in the future?
SL: I sell everything from my clothing to pictures to electronics. It all depends on what the fans like.

PC: So what does your family think about your job?
SL: My family loves me and accepts me for who I am. No parent can just stop loving their child. I am Daddy's little girl in his eyes. Of course they don't want me to continue but I tell them my plans, what I am doing and most importantly I tell them I am happy and that's all they want.

PC: Do you get a lot of negative feedback from the Desi community?
SL: In the beginning I did get a lot of negative attention from the Desi community but now I think people are coming around and I am getting nothing but positive feedback. I have not done much with the Indian community as far as promotions go but I would like to only because the last few things I did have been great. I have more girls come up to me then men do. It's great!

PC: Down the road, do you plan to hang up your sexy boots and move onto something else?
SL: Oh yes, I don't think I will ever stop working. I want to be a pediatric nurse.

PC: Those babies are going to be so lucky! I'm so bummed I didn't get to see you at "Ice 2004," I heard it was a hot party! How'd you get hooked up with Mony Presents?
SL: Mony contacted Penthouse and that is how we met. I hope to work a lot with him in the future.

PC: Mony is a cool cat for sure! Is being a hostess for more Desi parties on your agenda Sunny?
SL: Sure, I would love to show up and hang out with people of my own culture. Its funny cause we are the only ones that truly understand each other. Even though I am in the adult world I still come from an Indian household and still have the tradition embedded in me. So yes, I would love to!

PC: Sunny, thanks so much for this interview! Any final words for readers?
SL: I can't wait to meet everyone and be sure to check out this site where you can book me at your next party!

As Sunny said, she is now available for Parties all over the world, click here for more info.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Feel free to send Peta an e-mail @ Peta Cooper.

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