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Ultimate Bollywood » Bollywood TidBits » 2001
Sushmita Sen engaged, Juhi's Baby...
You think our previous story had anything to do with Sush's engagement? We hope so... :)

Juhi, a mom!

The rumors are running overtime - Sushmita Sen has got engaged! The very attractive and vivacious former Miss Universe has exchanged rings with Sanjay Narang with whom she has been going around for the past few months. Narang was earlier engaged to Lisa Ray and then to Raageshwari Loomba. Let us hope that the former Miss Universe settles down to matrimony. After all even she has had her share of boyfriends from Vikram Bhatt, Vicky Oberoi, Sandeep Chowta and two other Sanjays -- Dutt and Kapoor apart from her boyfriend in Delhi before the Miss Universe title.

First it's marriage, then follows the baby in a carriage! It's quite official now; Juhi Chawla-Mehta is going to be a mother! At least now will she'll admit that she's married. Getting the QSQT girl to admit she was married to Jai was impossible and in true Juhi ishtyle she hasn't come out and announced her new pregnant status. Its Jai who confirmed it.

Bollywood's music directors are now chasing Hrithik to continue with the trend of heroes singing songs. After all, Hrithik Roshan has learnt classical music for two years. Amitabh Bachchan used to sing some of his songs - which then went on to become a rage. Sanjay Dutt sang a number in Sahibaan. Govinda sang Meri pant bhi sexy in Raja Babu. Will Hrithik follow this trend too?

Word has it that Salman Khan has finally decided to join hands with his brother Sohail and help him script his new film. Maybe they are trying to prove to their dad, who is a legendary scriptwriter that they are really his sons and maybe they could make a father and son venture out of this!

Aamir KhanAamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan have a soft spot for the earthquake affected Bhuj. Both the actors have close connections with the people there - Abhishek shot his debut Refugee on their soil, while Lagaan - Aamir Khan's first foray into production - was also filmed almost entirely on location there. We've heard that apart from private donations, the actors have offered to participate in any stage shows or concerts organized to raise funds for those affected by the tragedy.

Feedback is encouraged. Feel free to send Jasmeen an e-mail at Jasmeen Dugal if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions.

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