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Ultimate Bollywood » Movie Reviews » 2010
Movie Review: The Film Emotional Atyachar (2010)
Director: Akshay Shere
Starring: Mohit Ahlawat, Ranvir Shorey, Ravi Kishen
Released: September 3, 2010


Debutante director Akshay Shere's The Film Emotional Atyachar suspiciously sounding like the reality show about cheating couples is in fact nothing like that. It is a hilarious fun ride with multiple tracks running together but at the same time keeping the audiences engaged right till the end. It is what one can say Johnny Gaddar meets Sankat City.

Revealing much about the plot line of this extremely unpredictable film might lose half the fun you would have while watching it. Let us just say it is about a bagful of money (Rs. 20 crore) which keeps changing hands right till the climax and the bloody battle that ensues right from grabbing it first till the end. The characters involved directly or indirectly are a businessman with a big dream played by Mohit Ahlawat, a trigger happy corrupt cop duo played by Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey, a no nonsense Goa club owner (Abhimanyu Singh) and his girl friend Sophie (Kalki), a wannabe don, Junior Bhai (Ravi Kishen) and his two rookie cronies.

For a debut film, Akshay Shere has done a wonderful job of holding the complicated screenplay together and keeping it light hearted. His casting is just perfect as well. The first half goes about in a non-linear narrative establishing the characters and their motives. After the unexpected shoot out that takes place at a pub the plot gains a momentum that continues right till the end. Hilarious one liners by Vinay and Ranvir keep you in splits and so does the track of Ravi Kishen and his two newbies. The climax however could have been more edgy. The All is Well ending takes away some bit of thrill. The dialogues by Kartik Krishnan are howlarious.

Ram Gopal Varma discovery Mohit Ahlawat is excellent and one hopes he gets better roles now. Vinay and Ranvir complement each other well and portray their grey shaded roles excellently. Abhimanyu Singh is just apt for his role while Kalki perfectly suites her part as well. Ravi Kishen is very impressive. Playing his cronies - Snehal Dhabi and Rajkumar Kanojia bring the house down with their antics. Anand Tiwari as the bumbling passerby who helps Mohit is simply superb.

The film is a worth watch for those who love to watch edgy films that offer entertainment which hatke than usual Bollywood fares.

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