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Ultimate Bollywood » Movie Reviews » 2010
Movie Review: Soch Lo (2010)
Director: Sartaj Singh Pannu
Starring: Sartaj Singh Pannu, Barkha Madan
Released: August 27, 2010


Actor - writer - filmmaker Sartaj Singh Pannu's first attempt 'Soch Lo' is an interesting attempt that keeps you engrossed right till its unusual end. Those cribbing about wanting to watch something different can definitely give this one a try and not end up being disappointed.

'Soch Lo' takes off from the point where a wounded man (Sartaj Singh Pannu) is left to die in the desert. He survives the ordeal but loses his identity. He then resorts to robbing solitary car drivers traversing on this highway. He becomes a Thug and finds an abandoned shed as his hideaway, where three troubled individuals Harry (Himanshu Kohli), Toto and Pali (Barkha Madan) find him. They take him to their home in a nearby village and name him Baba, the beleaguered stowaway makes a deal with Harry that he will fight for his property seized by a local brute and in return Harry would help him find his real identity. When Harry is not of any help, Pali steps in. Baba and sympathetic Pali embark on a very long journey to solve his mystery. Flashes of his wife, visions of being stabbed and then betrayed come rushing to his mind. His relentless search leads to something more diabolic than his expectations.

Pannu's screenplay doesn't spoon feed the viewers and compels them to apply their brains. Certain things are left unanswered but then there are well placed clues for the audience to figure out the plot development chart. However despite this the pacing of the film is quite slow, which is the only big drawback about it. Also the dialogues are weak and should have been worked on better. 'Soch Lo' succeeds in being a multilayered film. The characters are well etched as well. Some interesting observations are made on the middle class and the male mentality. However for a normal audience, the message of the film does not exactly come out straight, leaving too many questions. What's remarkable is the way the writer brings out that there are no negative characters but only circumstances. The film is shot extremely well. The outdoors and desert scenes especially are remarkably good looking. And the music is just right for the tone of the film.

Performances are stable though not extra - ordinary. Sartaj has a striking screen presence does well. Barkha Madan is good as well. Iris Maity plays the feeble wife perfectly well. Himanshu Kohli impresses.

'Soch Lo' definitely deserves an acknowledgement for the effort that has gone behind making it. It has given an all rounder in the form of a fresh talent like Sartaj Singh Pannu.

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