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Ultimate Bollywood » Movie Reviews » 2002
Maine Dil Tujhko Diya
Director: Sohail Khan
Starring: Sohail Khan and Sameera Reddy
Released: August 23, 2002

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya

Sohail Khan is finally back after Hello Brother, only this time instead of directing brothers Salman and Arbaaz, he directs himself opposite fellow debutant Sameera Reddy. Though his latest offering, Maine Dil Tujhko Diya, may've failed to create any major ripples at the box office, it definitely proves as an impressive launch for Sohail. After watching MDTD, it is safe to say that Sohail can join the bandwagon of promising newcomers in the industry. One only wishes, as a director, he hadn't chosen a story as old as the hills...

MDTD revolves around Ajay (Sohail) and Ayesha (Sameera), two college students who fall madly in love and then stand up against Ayesha's opposing father. It all begins when Ayesha joins Ajay's college and is introduced to him and his group of friends, the Aryans. Ayesha and Ajay are instantly attracted to each other, and one day their friendship blossoms into love. Much to Ayesha's dismay, Ajay mistakes her father for someone else and insults and threatens him in public, thus leading to her father's hatred towards Ajay and disapproval of their relationship. Not only this, but Ayesha is of course filthy rich while Ajay cannot even afford to buy her a Valentine's Day gift. To stop Ayesha from seeing Ajay, her father fixes her marriage to his scheming business partner's original. To add to Ajay's woes, he accidentally picks a fight with Bhaijaan (Sanjay), a ruthless and deadly underworld don. Ajay now has 24 hours to stop Ayesha's wedding, not to mention escape the wrath of Bhaijaan...will he manage to succeed? It shouldn't take you long to figure out the answer...

Sohail Khan is definitely one to look out for. He delivers a very confident performance, mostly expressing through his eyes. His dialogue delivery is for the most part intact, though he is a tad wooden in some scenes. Nevertheless, he has handed in a commendable performance for his first film, not to mention he's quite a looker and a good dancer too. Sameera Reddy is passable. She needs to polish up her acting skills, though she improves in the latter portions of the film. Unfortunately she and Sohail lack any on- screen chemistry whatsoever. Sanjay Dutt is fine as Bhaijaan, but it isn't a role that requires much and could've pretty much been played by anyone else. However, he is particularly good in his short flashback. Otherwise, the supporting artists come and go without really leaving an impact. Nothing is really required from anyone except the lead pair.

The music complements the film well. The pick of the lot is definitely Thoda Sa Pyaar Hua Hai, a beautiful ghazal-like ballad sung to perfection by Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan. Kuch Bhi Nahin is another sweet duet, while the title song is also quite decent. Shanana Na Na is extremely catchy. Choreography is mostly first- rate, though Thoda Sa Pyaar... is reminiscent of K3G's Suraj Hua Maddham. Just as in Khan's other films (PKTDK and Hello Brother), the musical score is overall above average, not to mention spaced out well in the film.

The action is well executed and the college scenes enjoyable. Cinematography is first-rate, while the background score provides able support. The main problem lies in the story. MDTD is a classic case where though the film isn't all that bad, it still could've been so much more...though the treatment is better than some recent films with the same subject (Deewaanapan and Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage), there is a limit to how much one can take of the same tried and tested story. Considering the film is briskly paced with confident performances and a competent musical score, you wish Sohail had opted for a better story, as the aforementioned plus points would surely work as complements to a fresher script. Another problem is that the film gets excessively violent towards the end, so violent that the cinema censored half the action sequences out. It starts off as a college romance and turns into a bit of a blood fest.

Overall, MDTD is worth a watch for Sohail and Sohail only. If you didn't enjoy Deewaanapan or AMALL, chances are you won't enjoy MDTD either. Catch MDTD if you are a fan of Sohail's directorial work and are interested in seeing him as an actor, or if you are a huge action fan and want to see some more Matrix-style fight sequences. If not, your best bet is to either skip the film altogether, or rent the DVD and save it for a rainy day.

3 out of 5 bindis - Its ok

Do you have any thoughts on this? Feel free to send Sabrina an e-mail @ Sabrina Siddiqui.

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