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Ultimate Bollywood » Movie Reviews » 2001
Kyon Ke Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta
Director: David Dhawan
Starring: Govinda, Sushmita Sen, and Rambha
Released: September 21, 2001

Kyon Ke Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta

Flashback to 1997: An immensely popular film called 'Liar Liar', starring America's king of comedy, Jim Carrey, was released. Dealing with the rather unusual subject of a smooth-talking carefree lawyer spending day and night getting by with lies, and then one day not being able to lie because of a wish made by his five-year old son, the film won over the audiences with its witty dialogues and Carrey's ever dependable (or at least at that time) comic excellence.

Hop over to the land of Bollywood in the year 2001, where India's undisputed king of comedy Govinda decides to star in a film on the same lines. One can't help but wonder what on earth an 'Indianized' version, as they say, of a film like 'Liar Liar' would be like. The fact that Govinda is paired with the talented yet underrated Sushmita Sen only builds up one's curiosity, especially when the person holding the reigns behind the film happens to be a director like David Dhawan. So, can Kyon Ke Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta holds its own against the original? We're about to find out...

Insulting...idiotic...senseless...the negative adjectives to describe KKMJNB could go on and on. Not only is Kyon Ke... an insult to an enjoyable film like 'Liar Liar', but it is also an insult to women, lawyers, and different, classy films like 'Lagaan', 'Dil Chahta Hai', and 'Asoka'. To women, because our protagonist handles a wife and mistress simultaneously, dumps the mistress after seven years, and the wife never comes to know of anything! To lawyers, because court has never looked so pathetic and illogical before. And finally to the diverse and stylish aforementioned films running successfully nowadays, because they have to share an industry with atrocious films like Kyon Ke....

We have wannabe lawyer Raj (Govinda) coming to the big bad world of Mumbai, naturally possessing high hopes to get rich quick. What better way to make big bucks in a matter of days than woo and marry a rich girl? Sonal (Sushmita) falls victim to Raj's scheming ways, and the two do eventually elope. However, in a rather (rare) amusing comic twist, Sonal tells Raj she wants to go live in his basti rather than bask in the riches of her father for the rest of her life. Henceforth, our hero is forced to go back to his poor life, only this time with the opposite of any biwi no. 1 in tow. Finally our compulsive liar finds another get rich quick scheme...associating himself with the Underworld to make his way to the top. He manages to get what he wants, acquiring everything from money to fame, and a son to a mistress (Rambha). After years of sitting in the dark, Sonal realizes her the game her husband is playing ~ no, not with Rambha ~ but with the likes of the Underworld. Fearing the safety of her now six-year old son, Sonal makes a decision to walk out on the could-care-less Raj. Meanwhile, sonny-dearest makes a wish that his father would quit telling lies, so that he and his mother could reunite and be happy again. And thus begins Raj's transformation from the careless, alien to such a thing called truth liar to the brave hero out to fight for justice and trust...give me a break, please.

Govinda is Govinda ~ he makes you laugh only because he looks so damn ridiculous that you end up laughing at him, not with him. It would be impossible for Govinda to not excel in these sort of roles, and his comic timing really does kick in within the last half hour...if only it had been present in the first two and a half hours, then perhaps Kyon Ke... wouldn't be the debacle that it is! Sushmita is utterly wasted in her role. It is extremely sad that an actress with such untapped talent, who has shown her capabilities in the past (remember 'Dastak', 'Sirf Tum', and 'Biwi No. 1', anybody?), either isn't being offered worthwhile roles, or just isn't signing the right roles. She looks beautiful and dances well, though the whole traditional wife act just doesn't work for her. The less said about Rambha the fails to even comprehend what she is doing in the film to begin with (unless Mr. Dhawan decided to fit a sequel to 'Gharwali Baharwali' in here somewhere, which we didn't even ask for!).

Music does nothing to lift the film. You'll find yourself humming the completely inane 'Ek Ladki Chahiye', but why is something you'll never figure out. In terms of choreography, one wishes Govinda wouldn't (literally) through his weight around so much. The steps even leave much to be desired, though there is not much even the best of choreographers could do for the same, trite Govinda/Dhawan songs we've been hearing for the last ten years.

Verdict? Simple ~ just don't accustom yourself to this sort of below-mediocre fare. There is not one particularly positive point to Kyon Ke... other than an interesting beginning and some ten minutes of candid laughter. If for some reason you do decide to take a risk and watch the film, leave your brains behind...intelligence (or rather common sense) ceases to exist in such films.

2.5 out of 10

1 out of 5 bindis - Its pretty Bad

Do you have any thoughts on this? Feel free to send Sabrina an e-mail @ Sabrina Kiran Siddiqui.  

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