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Sunny Leone's Laila Vulgar?
We've all gotten a glimpse of Sunny Leone's item song "Laila" and now there is discussion that the song's lyrics are vulgar! Get the scoop here.

Sunny Leone's Laila Vulgar?

India's censor board did promise that they would be cracking down on Bollywood songs and item numbers and they were not joking. Shootout at Wadala have released an extended look at their song "Laila" featuring Sunny Leone. Since the song has gone viral, the board has said the song is too vulgar for the masses.

While you would think the wardrobe and choreography would pose as the problem, it is the lyrics in question this time. To avoid an adult rating and lack of mass promotions, Sanjay Gupta has adjusted the lyrics for television promo spots. He revealed, "The original version of the song had the lyrics, Laila Teri Le Legi. If we had to retain these words, the censor board would've given it an adult rating and we wouldn't have been able to air it on TV during prime time. So we have changed the words to Laila Tujhe Loot Legi. It sounds very strange but we had to do it."

Sajid continued to tell reporters, "The video went back and forth almost eight times. Such things have never happened with us before, even when we shot songs like Mahi Ve (Kaante) and O Saki Saki (Musafir). I cannot shoot vulgar videos even if I try to."

Composer Anand Rah Anand added, "I'd like to clarify that there is zero vulgarity in the lyrics. Why judge a song by listening to just one line, Laila teri le legi? If you notice, the chorus of the song has five phrases; all of them have the word 'teri'. So I had to use it. I can't help it if people derive another meaning from it."

Anand also explained, "The song had to suit the mood of the sequence, which is about a bunch of boys telling a guy that his girl will bring down. I've heard that the censor board has a problem with it. So to be on the safe side, I've kept a new redubbed version of the song ready where Laila teri le legi has been replaced by Laila tujhe loot legi. The rhyming went for a toss, of course, but what to do."

Check out Laila:

Tags: laila, shootout at wadala, censor board, sanjay gupta

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