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Ultimate Bollywood » Bollywood Features » 2008
Chriselle Almeida from WKMK
Here's my chat with the lead in the upcoming film WKMK, Chriselle Almeida.

Chriselle Almeida

When I first found out who was being cast to play Kiran in the upcoming film "When Kiran Met Karen" I was a little surprised because I had not heard the name before. But after learning more about Chriselle Almeida and interviewing her, she is the absolute best choice that anyone could have made for this role, she's an amazing person!

Peta Cooper: For starters Chriselle, everyone wants to know, what is your Desi background? Are you Guju, South Indian or what?
Chriselle Almeida: I'm originally from Goa, I am a Catholic Indian-Goan, really.

PC: I honestly have not met too many people directly from Goa, cool! Alright, I believe this was your first leading role in a film, would you consider this your first breakout role?
CA: Yes. I would.

PC: What's your take on Kiran's sexuality throughout the whole film?
CA: To quote Kiran in the movie, "I'll try anything once." Kiran has two sides to her sexuality. The manipulative side that she uses to seduce and get her way personally and professionally. And the softer side - that's honest and real. We see both sides come out in the movie. I personally like her genuine and less aggressive sexual side far more. This is the side we see when she's with Karen.

PC: Would you fall in love with Kiran?
CA: I did fall in love with Kiran the moment I read the script! She's fascinating and intriguing, even in her weaknesses. I think that there needs to be some level of affection and connection with a character in order to show their complexities and vulnerabilities. For me to play a woman who is so bold and confident - I had to have a love affair of sorts with her.

PC: What does Kiran find attractive about Karen?
CA: Kiran is attracted to Karen's ambition, drive, intelligence, sense of humor and playfulness.

PC: What type of roles do Dev and Himesh Bhai play in Kiran's life?
CA: Himesh Bhai is a stepping-stone in Kiran's acting career. It is more cut and dry with Himesh Bhai, but Dev is far more complicated than that. Dev is the catalyst for change in Kiran's life. They have a profoundly unique relationship.

PC: Choose a word to describe Kelli and why?
CA: "Natural." I was blown away by the effortless and ease that Kelli had in her scenes. There were times I would forget we were acting. Kelli and I hit it off immediately as cast-members and friends.

PC: Were you nervous when the first sex scene was shot between Kiran and Karen?
CA: I did not think I would be as comfortable with Kelli but I developed a trust as the shoot went on. But when the moment arrived, yes, I was nervous. But more for silly girl reasons (laughs) - hoping the camera angles were flattering! After a couple of takes though we eased into it. And any nervousness that was captured probably added to the reality of the situation. We had moments where we just giggled, but perhaps that will work when edited. I think people are often nervous during a new sexual experience.

PC: In 2008; would a Bollywood actress face harsh ramifications if she came out as a lesbian?
CA: Oh yes!!! Most definitely! In general, I think there's an ego among average Indian men - the "How could an Indian woman not want an Indian man" kind of mentality. Now don't get me wrong, there's plenty of people that would be fine with it. But in a huge population, with many being uneducated and sheltered - yes she would be ostracized.

PC: Was your family supportive for the role you took in WKMK?
CA: My family was supportive 100%. They are not your stereotypical Indian family. They were thrilled and have encouraged me to be an actor since I said I wanted to go and study acting when I was 16!

PC: Do you have any final words for the readers?
CA: You are not going to want to miss this movie and thanks for reading!

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