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Ultimate Bollywood » Bollywood Features » 2001
Gurpreet Singh - Up Close and Personal
Only a handful of TV stars can claim the rights to having the talent that Gurpreet possesses, Jasmeen showcases Mista GS!!!

Gurpreet Singh w/ Wife

Before you dismiss him as the average actor pirouetting his way through the television channels on his way up to the silver screen, think again. Hailing from Punjab, what sets Gurpreet apart is his strong, silent image and hypnotizing eyes strengthened with a quiet confidence in himself. Having been a successful model, Gurpreet has honed his individual trait of being able to express volumes with one sweeping look. You've seen him as the passionate lover who seduces the much-married Neena Gupta in Dard and as the young, hotheaded man framed for murder in Pal Chinn. And now he's back in the limelight - tying the knot with his long steady girlfriend - supermodel Noyonika Chatterjee. Meet the reigning sweetheart of the Desi small screen - Gurpreet.

How did you step into the celluloid world?
I got into Television as I had always been looking for a platform to display my acting skills, after having been a successful model. Zee t.v was being launched in 92. I heard about their first production Dillagi and went for an audition. And I got one of the meatiest roles.

So what are your future plans?
I want to get into producing and directing after a few years. Acting in movies never really turned me on. (I saw Hindi movies as a cheap institution, entertainment for ignorant masses where Ram always beats Ravan and gets Sita, funded and hobnobbing with the mafia, severely feudal, and even the biggest directors and actors are not ashamed of thrusting their untalented and ugly kids upon the poor veiwers. Basically, a good way of making money by promoting bad tastes and low values to the gullible.

What other talents would you like to have been bestowed with?
Wish I could have been a professional singer. I can sing though!

So what is the difference between you the actor and you the man?
Me the actor I am - Outgoing, Charming, Flirtatious and Dangerous. Me the man is - Calm.

Who are your heroes in real life today?
I have no heroes. I have realized all people are human and fallible, mortal and a product of their circumstances.

Who or what is your source of inspiration?
My source of inspiration is my happy and secure childhood, plenty of affection from elders as a child, inspiring tales of heroes and Sikh gurus from my grandmom and childhood Gurdwara training.

Whom do you admire?
I do not admire anyone in particular. But I do admire all those who fight all handicaps and come out on top. Or those who keep a brave face inspite of having nothing.

So how would you describe yourself?
LARGE HEARTED & CALM. Ask my wife!

Do you have any thoughts on this? Feel free to send Jasmeen an e-mail @ Jasmeen Dugal.  

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