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Desiclub Helps
Our Social Responsibility and Our Way of Giving Back

In our efforts to be a socially conscious and community-oriented business, we've established an agenda to spread what we believe is a good message. Our Desiclub Helps initiative is not only a philanthropic platform, but a way for us to provide sound support for good causes and issues for which we aim to help organizations and individuals alike.

One of our main principals is to give responsibly; to donate funds to only those organizations and individuals that we have independently verified are legitimately and directly providing help for their cause. We strive to eliminate the bureaucracy and focus more on the issues and causes that need our help. We have no political motivation or affiliation and we have no favoritism to any single cause. On a much larger scale, we aim to change the world, but we can only accomplish this by directly helping those in need, person by person, one day at a time.

We function through accountability at a grass roots level, helping events, causes and people. We ask ourselves this simple question; "What did I do today to help make a positive difference in someone's life?" Please join us by asking yourself this very same question and help us in our efforts and let's all push towards meaningful results.

If you need help or would like to get involved and help us change things for the better, please contact us by emailing us. Please be sure to include your full name and contact phone #.

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